Day 8- Turning Off Temptation

Maybe it is something about Fridays, but Adam and I were both surrounded by food and temptations at work today. Here is an image of what was sitting next to my desk: 

FullSizeRenderAdam’s coworkers brought warm Krispy Kreme donuts and Distrct Tacos, I can’t imagine the smells! It is a test of your Whole30 resolve and good practice at just saying “not right now” and “no, thank you, I brought my lunch today” but it isn’t easy. However, I was inspired by Adam’s coworker and came up with a plan (I think it’s a brilliant one). I decided to make tacos tonight for dinner with lettuce shells and -BAM- my cravings went away. I knew that I would be satisfied by my dinner and it really proves to me how much of a mental game avoiding all the crap is! 

Tacos were AMAZING, with guacamole, Cholula chili garlic and lime paleo mayo sauce, and cilantro. I am still thinking about them a few hours later! A perfect craving buster to turn off plan temptations into a tasty whole 30 dinner. 

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