Day 7- not calorie restricted

One of the things that I like about this plan is that it is not a “diet.” We call it a food commitment at my house. There is no counting calories, no scales, no body measurements and while that feels scary at times, it is one of the things that sold me on Whole30 to begin with. I talked to my sister this week about her attempts to clean the sugar out of her diet and her struggles with being so hungry. She is a classic sugar burner:

Sugar Burner = Energy roller coaster; “needing” to eat every two hours; cranky when you’re hungry; regular cravings for sweets or caffeine (From our Day 6 email.) 

However, from talking to her, it sounds like she made a classic mistake. She just cut out all the sugar, simple carbs and grains and didn’t replace them with protein, fats and carbs from veggies. She was severely calorie restricted. Of course that makes you hungry, cranky and leads to a Whole30 failure. For athletes in particular, we just need to eat more!  On that note, I am going to go and have dinner! 

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