Day 6- Dry January

Reading before bed last night I came across this article about people who go dry for the month of January and I knew that I wanted to share it in today’s post. I am starting to really feel good with this low sugar stuff. Ran twice today, with some hard work done in the snow, and had pretty level energy all day long. I know that all this anti-inflammatory stuff has good science behind it, but I really enjoyed reading this article and how not drinking for a month can improve your health. Just another reason to stick to the Whole30, maybe I’ll even take the advice to stick with the low alcohol life after this month. Why does beer have to taste so good?!


Was thinking about doing a food diary, I’ll try it for a few days and see how it goes. If I am happy with it, maybe I’ll continue, maybe I’ll post some recipes, TBD! 

Today I ate:
  • Post Workout: spoonful of homemade raw almond, cacao and coconut butter 
  • Breakfast: frittata- 3 eggs, artichokes, mushroom, onion and a handful of raw almonds
  • Lunch: left over Italian Sea Creatures Soup, Salad with roasted sweet potatoes, quick pickled cucumber/onion/radish and harissa dressing (so good, so full!) 
  • Post Workout: spoonful of homemade raw almond, cacao and coconut butter 
  • Dinner: turkey burger with pickles, side salad with failed mayo dressing, 

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