Day 5- Cravings

Today is the first day that I have had real cravings. My coworker took out a bar of dark chocolate and started to nibble, it took all of my strength to keep my hands to myself and not ask for some. I almost accepted some to share reflexively! Good thing my will power (and memory) are strong enough to keep me for doing anything silly like eating chocolate.

I know that I struggle with identifying what is “want” and what is “need,” especially when it come to food. The struggle is real! There is no easy answer and there is not always a right answer, but for 30 days I am trying to quiet my mind and listen to what my body is saying it needs. On that note, I am continued to rest my ankle another day (it isn’t going to ruin my Western States training to take care of my body) and now going to bed early for some extra rest to speed the healing process. 

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