Day 4- Slaying the Sugar Dragon

One of the main reasons I was drawn to doing a Whole30 (last time and this time) is that it forces you to kick the sugar addiction dragon out of your life. I was very committed to my first Whole30 after our cycling trip in France– I had to stop every 2 hours and eat like an addict. I knew that if I was getting that cranky, bonky feeling and headed to that dark place in my head, it had probably been 2 hours since I last had my sugar fix. No one thinks this is a good plan, especially for an endurance athlete and I certainly didn’t want to be stuck, addicted to sugar, riding out the highs and lows like a junkie! The Whole30 worked for me the last time and I this time I am ready to say goodbye to this guy for good!

From our daily Whole30 email:

“The worst thing to do when you’re craving something sweet (and actually hungry) is to satisfy that craving with sugar, even if it is from an “approved” source. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between a Snickers bar and a dried-fruit-and-nut bar… All your brain knows is that it threw a sugar tantrum, and you gave it sugar.”

This is really the reason that I am not eating fruit this time around, my brain doesn’t know the difference between a banana, dates or a Larabar and a Christmas cookie, cheesecake icing or maple syrup! Good thing I know the difference and have the will power to not let this ugly monster rule my life. 



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  2. ultrarunnergirl

    I’m pretty conscious of this too. The weird thing is I have kind of lost my taste for fruit. I do enjoy berries (and they’re the best, lowest sugar choice) or a slice of apple or two, but I don’t like bananas anymore at all.


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