Day 29- Beautiful Bone Broth

I think that homemade bone broth is one of the most simple pleasures in life. I mean it. I know it is what has made ultrarunning possible for me as an easy to drink, salty, high fat, protein rich source of nutrition and pure deliciousness. I have been making broth, roughly once per week, during this Whole30 and then adding it as I cook. Using it to steam greens, adding it to chili and now and then just drinking a mug to warm my soul. This week, however, I think I may have made my best broth yet. This kitchen sink version, with butternut squash peels and seeds, apple cores, kale stalks, fresh rosemary, onion and a chicken carcass, is just the right mix of sweet and salty goodness. I am surprised that there is still any left!

A beautiful broth is born

A beautiful broth is born

This is one Whole30 habit I fully intend to keep on Sunday! 



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  2. Kirstin

    Butternut squash peels!! Why have I never tried this? Brilliant.

    I fully agree with you. Nothing better than a mug of warm bone broth.

    1. robin (Post author)

      It was really great!
      Rereading this now is making me hungry… yummm


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