Day 28- PMP

The bar has been set pretty high. I am training for Western States and trying to run a fast marathon in Boston. While I am not sure that you can train for both as “A” races. I know that many people have tried and failed to train for both a 100miler and a fast marathon simultaneously and I have no delusions of grandeur. It is not as though I believe I am above or immune from the perils of trying to do it all well and failing at both. However, I am feeling good about my plan to focus my training on WS100 and add some faster miles, including a 26.2mi tempo run on April 20th, as a way to push my fitness and speed. So far with my Whole30 and run training plan starting to warm up, it seems to be working. I am feeling stronger mentally and physically than I did a month ago and my resting HR has come down, all great things!


However as good as I have felt, running 7miles today at Planned Marathon Pace (PMP) was hard work. Not sit around and casually get the job done, but put your big girl pants on and fight for it. The workout started off easy, I was chatting with Judy and generally optimistic about getting it done without too much pain as we hit the first mile ahead of our goal pace, but as the miles went on, it became more and more effort just to hold on. It didn’t help that I just kept thinking, “there is NO WAY I could hold this pace for another 19.2 miles.” As we rounded the tip of Haines Point and I eagerly called out “less than a mile to go!” and Judy questioned my calculations and indicated that “it might be 2.” Well, damn, could my math be that off?! I was so glad to see the groups in front of us stopping and only 1 mile from my declaration! It was a great workout and one that was a testament to how much speed work and Whole30 have made me faster and stronger. Maybe come April, I will be able to hold that pace for 26.2, but then again, that is not the A goal and Boston is only a tempo run for WS100. 

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