Day 23- Road Trip

After reviewing all the travel option to travel to Ohio for a funeral, we decided that driving the 8+hrs each way was the cheapest and easiest way to get there and back. Traveling presents some unique challenges for Whole30, but just like deciding to drive 17 out of 24hours, we were just going to make it work. We stocked up on raw nut mix, made guacamole and baba ganoush, salads, crab cakes, hard boiled eggs, tea and kombucha, packed the cooler and when the alarm went off at 3:30am, we hit the road. 

The driving was not nearly as bad as I had anticipated and I am so glad that we were able to be there, we made it work for Whole30 and by sharing the driving Adam and I each got to sleep a bit in the car. All in all, a success!


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  2. ultrarunnergirl

    You two are rock stars. Way to make it work. Road trips are definitely a challenge!


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