Day 21- Moderation and the Real World

Today was another day where I was intensely tempted. Sometimes, I think that my coworkers know just how to make me wish I wasn’t on Whole30 right now. One word- lebkuchen.  These German cookies may be my favorite cookie of all times, they are not too sweet, soft gingerbread, covered in dark chocolate. Man! Just thinking about them has my mouth watering and my coworker brought a tin with enough lebkuchen in it to feed an army and just set them next to my desk. I am too far into my Whole30 and feeling so good physically that it only crossed my mind that it was mean to have them sitting next to me, there is no looking back now! 


However, this has be thinking about how to make the transition back to “regular life.” How to I find a way to use moderation and make decisions about when it is worth it to have some indulgent like lebkuchen and when eating something feels like a waste of calories and will just send me into a downward spiral of beer and cookies for dinner night after night. I am still working on this one, I’ll keep you posted when I figure it out. 


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  2. ultrarunnergirl

    Sweets are so tricky for me. I feel like I can make good “is it worth it?” choices about alcohol and most foods. I will totally spit something out if I decide mid-bite that it isn’t that great. And I make discerning decisions about the sweets too, but once I have indulged in it, I just want more. Right after, later that day, the next day …

    1. robin (Post author)

      We spent quite a bit of time trying to come up with “rules” about sweets and sugar in general. We decided that home made and a few added exceptions, ie lebkuchen, but sticking to it is so hard! Damn real world!


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