Day 19- Leftovers

There are going to be days when you don’t know exactly what to write for a daily blog the same way that there are days when you don’t know exactly what to cook for dinner or bring for lunches. Today is one of those days, where I didn’t know what to pack for lunches and I simultaneously didn’t know what to write about, but our lunches were saved by leftovers and that means I have a topic for todays post! 

This day’s post won’t be possible without the time I spent in the kitchen yesterday, (off and on 2 hours) and I know that this is where the planning and preparation part of the Whole30 are crucial. In my holiday Monday kitchen furry I cooked Paleo Pad Thai, Spicy Tuna Cakes, made guacamole, pesto, celery root puree, almond milk and then almond flour, quick pickled cucumber/radish/onion, Cauliflower Turmeric “Hummus,” a sweet potato hash and sausage brunch, and a turkey sausage fritatta (inspired by Jim Daniels’ this on Sunday).  Phew! I didn’t even realize I had made that much food until I wrote it all out. No wonder I am feeling full and happy right now after a dinner of leftovers! 


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  2. Kirstin

    That all sounds amazing. I still find myself exclaiming aloud at how delicious leftovers are in the morning.

    1. robin (Post author)

      I think that “leftovers” are my favorite food of all times! That Paleo Pad Thai is amazing! :)


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