Day 18- Rise and Shine!

Only on Whole30 do you wake up at 6am feeling rested and ready to start your day on a holiday Monday! I know I just ran 50 miles in the mountains this weekend, but I am feeling great today. Yes, I had a bit of soreness in my legs when I woke up but by the end of the day, it is mostly gone. This is where I am starting to really feel the tiger’s blood and when I review the Whole30 timeline, I am right on schedule. It feels pretty good to be “normal,” whatever that means. What I do know is that while I felt “good” after doing my last Whole30, this time I am really feeling the difference. I am not sure what it is this time, but we are really getting into the swing on thing here and I am just trying to figure out how to keep this feeling going after our 30 days are up. Hope I can wake up feeling great tomorrow too!

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