Day 16- 2mil is Not Enough

I finally have my computer back and can get back to my daily posts, wooohoo! 

Day 16 was a great day, snowy trails in Shenandoah with great company for Alisa’s favorite run- an extended Fishhook. At over 33miles it was set to be my longest run during my Whole30 and the fact that we were staying overnight and making a double out of the weekend just made planning more difficult. We were prepared with packed breakfast salads, raw mixed nuts and kombuchas as recovery drinks. Our awesome host, Jim, cooked us spaghetti squash with Whole30 compliant sauce for dinner, it was amazing! (I should have taken a picture, but my plate was cleared too quickly!)  

Our fueling plan was great, homemade macadamia and almond butter (Thanks Adam!) in the 2″x3″ baggies that nearly every ultrarunner uses to carry their drugs, I mean salt tablets. It was a great plan and I was looking forward to eating then on schedule, however there was a fatal flaw in this plan. 2mil thickness is not enough and the bags splintered. Maybe it was the low 20s temps, maybe we just need stronger bags. Either way, we are on the right track with the nut butters, now to perfect the vessel! 

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