Day 14- Sometimes you eat the dog, and sometimes the dog eats you

We all have good days and bad days, and that sometimes has nothing to do with what you eat. However, I know that in my pre-Whole30 life when I have had a stressful day at work, feel like I have one million and one commitments and still have hours of chores to do, sitting down at home, having a beer and just relaxing for a moment really helps me to stop and calm down. This week has felt like a big, long chain of days like that. Feeling like I am rushing around, just making it to everywhere I need to be without a moment to spare, burning the candle at both ends and all of this without my computer, which had an unfortunate tea incident, damn. It is all certainly increasing my stress levels and while I know that doesn’t help with the restoration I am focused on this month, it is hard to avoid all stress all the time. What I can control is how I cope with that stress, how I focus my energy on trying to stay calm and how that relates to my nutrition. Thinking back to Day 1 and my goals of not using food as a reward (or punishment) and the old habits of comforting myself on a hard day go out of the window. 



First off, realizing that I can get the same sense of relief and relaxation by coming home and just chatting with Adam, sans beer, and that taking time for myself to sleep and to get a massage are likely more effective at relieving stress. All of that and the added benefit of not having the guilt and groggy feeling that eating crap and drinking beer does!  I know that I need to focus more on staying calm and not letting life overwhelm me, but that is not going to all go away with a magic wand and 30 days of clean eating, but hopefully by the end of the month I will find some peace. 

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