Day 13- So Thankful

The last few days, with it coming to a head today, I feel like I have been running around from appts to workouts to activities with little break and it’s getting to me. Now, I have been making it to bed each night by my 11pm goal, sleeping 7hours and I am trying hard to avoid stress while not missing workouts, since those are my explicit goals for the month, but I am running out of residual energy to give. Not sure exactly how to solve my over scheduling habits but in the mean time Adam has been so incredibly helpful with everything from making lunches while I get a workout in or meet up with the ladies for the clothing exchange, cleaning up, making everything function while I run around like a chicken with my head cut off. It makes me realize how amazingly lucky to have Adam and how much easier it is to get through life’s challenges (like Whole30) together. 




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