Day 12- Trying on Something New

One of my favorite get togethers is the clothing exchange. This summer with mark two years of exchanging clothing that no spark joy for other’s gently used items that bring a new and fresh look to my wardrobe. It is one of those amazing things where you simultaneously get rid of things that are dragging down my closet and bring back new things that I might never have bought for myself. And the best part, I usually come back with less than I bring! 



This kind of de-cluttering of my physical surroundings really compliments the simultaneous efforts to get rid of all of the junk I am putting into my body. It was a great reflection on all of the work I am trying to do to heal my gut and streamline so many aspects of my life. I am so happy to have this group of ladies and the clothing exchange. It was a perfect ritual during a cold January Whole30 Tuesday (and good practice on resisting wine and finger foods!)

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