Day 11- Feeling Dupped

I am super careful, I read my labels, I cook almost all of my own food, I make my own nut butters and nut milk, mayo, roast chickens. I feel like I am doing everything right and then *BAM* I read a comment on facebook about balsalmic vinegar not being Whole30. Oh no! I hadn’t even though to check that! Maybe I did the last time and the brand we had before was compliant, but it didn’t occur to me this time. So, I snuck into the kitchen to take a peak and screw you Trader Joe’s Balsamic Vinegar. 


So, now what. I have only used it twice I think since this whole30 started and it was a very small amount in salad dressing. I am going to be ok with it, I wasn’t using it for the “sugar high” chugging gallons to get a rush. We have been so good in keeping with the spirit of this Whole30- avoid fruits, never snacking and avoiding inflammatory meats like pork. In life, just like in Whole30, there are going to be times when you try your best to do everything perfectly and despite your best efforts someone puts caramel in your vinegar! Day 12, here we come! 

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