Whole30- After Action Report

This is my last, official Whole30 post, hope you are not too disappointed!

Trying to assess what went well and what didn’t, what I would like to keep going in my “real” life and what parts to abandon. With that being said, I woke up the first morning after trying an off plan food (gluten) feeling hung over and with GI upset. Blah. Very frustrating! That frustration has led to my delay in getting this post out, but alas it is time to get something up here and move on.

While I am not wholly satisfied with my Whole30 I do think that committing to it a second time was quite beneficial. I have realized a lot about my relationship with food as reward/punishment, how I use snacks and fruit in particular and about really getting rid of the sugar dragon.

Download (PDF, 2.79MB)

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  1. Kirstin

    I’ll definitely miss your Whole30 observations. Enjoyed following your very thoughtful 30 day journey. Congrats on that!


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