Race Calendar

October 2014

Grindstone 100, Friday, October 3rd. 1st place female, course record, 22:53:13, RACE REPORT

November 2014

MMTR, Saturday, November 1st. 7th place female, 9:39:08, RACE REPORT

Across the Bay 10k, Sunday, November 9th. 7th place female, 40:46, RACE REPORT

December 2014

Boyer’s Furnace 40mile, Saturday, December 27th, 8:25, RACE REPORT

January 2015

PHUNT 50k 25k, Saturday, January 3rd, 2:20, short race, short RACE REPORT

February 2015

RRCA 10-Mile Challenge, Sunday, February 22nd cancelled d/t weather

Mount Mitchell Challenge 40mi, Saturday, February 28th. 2nd place female, 5:57:49, RACE REPORT

March 2015

Distance Dare 2mi and 10k, Saturday, March 14th. 1st female, Distance Dare: 54:58 (2mi: 12:38, 10k: 42:20)

HAT50k, Saturday, March 21st. 4th place female, 1st age group, 5:19:47

EX2 Off Road Half Marathon, Sunday, March 29th. 2nd female, 1:48:46, results

April 2015

Cherry Blossom 10miler 9.39miler, Sunday, April 10th. 1:02:54, results

Boston Marathon, Monday, April 20th. 203rd female, 3:03:29

Promise Land 50k, Saturday, April 25th. 2nd female, 5:52:00, results

Pike’s Peak 10k, Sunday, April 26th DNS d/t allergies and superimposed URI

May 2015

Potomac River Run Marathon, Sunday, May 3rd. MY DAD QUALIFIES FOR BOSTON, 3:51:48, results

Germantown 5 Miler, Saturday, May 16th. 5th female, 33:20, results 

Dirty German 50 Miler, Sunday, May 17th. 1st female, 7:40:42, results

June 2015

Western States 100, Saturday, June 27th. 11th female, 22:29:15, results, RACE REPORT

July 2015

Mt Hood 50 Miler, July 11th, DNS d/t not mentally/physically ready after WS

August 2015

Eastern States 100, Saturday, August 15th

September 2015

VHTRC Women’s Half Marathon, Saturday, September 19th

October 2015

Marine Corps Marathon, Sunday, October 25th