Resolution 2015 Whole30

Since Grindstone I have really let myself go. Would you like another beer? YES! How about these homemade cookies? YES, I’ll have another!

I know, I know, having an “off season” is a critical piece of mental and physical recovery and sticking to dietary restrictions over the holidays is hard for everyone. However, all of this imbibing and indulging has left me sleeping poorly, feeling puffy and sluggish and put my motivation and mental health in a rough spot. As the end of the year approaches and I reflect on what an awesome year it has been, feeling this badly has me thinking about how to get my body and my mind back on track. Resolution 2015– Whole 30. I am so excited to really get back in control, kick the sugar demons and start the year and Western States 100 training on the right foot. (For those of you who want more information about Whole30, HERE is the right place to start reading and learning)

This will be my second Whole30 and this time I wanted to do a better job of chronicling my experience. I think this might be the easiest way for me to keep track of my Whole30. I will come back to this post daily and update on my progress. If you want to follow along, you can come back here as well. Hope you are getting as excited for January as I am. 

DAY 0 – planning and preparation are key

DAY 1 – back in the saddle

DAY 2 – 50k+Whole30 =25k

DAY 3 – soundly sleeping

DAY 4 – slaying the sugar dragon

DAY 5 – craving chocolate

DAY 6 – a dry January

DAY 7 – not calorie restricted

DAY 8 – turning off temptation 

DAY 9 – Whole30 Week 1

DAY 10 – football Sunday

DAY 11 – feeling dupped

DAY 12 – trying on something new

DAY 13 – so thankful

DAY 14 – they can’t all be good days

DAY 15 – a weekend away

DAY 16 – 2mil isn’t enough

DAY 17 – chicken jello

DAY 18 – rise and shine

DAY 19 – leftovers

DAY 20 – well rounded

DAY 21 – tested with lebkuchen

DAY 22 – more sunshine and csa

DAY 23 – road trip

DAY 24 – a lovely training run

DAY 25 – dinner out

DAY 26it doesn’t get easier, you just get faster

DAY 27 – REI is coming to DC 

DAY 28 – PMP

DAY 29 – beautiful bone broth

DAY 30 – snow and more to come…



  1. Amber

    Me too! Good luck :)

  2. Anonymous

    Always the best way to start the New Year for me. I’ve done one the last 2 Januarys but I might do a Whole14 this year … only because my birthday falls right in there and I have actually been eating pretty clean. Big change from past holidays where I fell face first into any and every sweet in sight.

    1. Anonymous

      ~ Ultrarunnergirl

      1. robin (Post author)

        Well at your level of experience with the Whole30, Madame Moderator!, I think that a quick refresh like a Whole14 is a great idea and can get you to the tiger’s blood in no time.
        This year, I have been worse than in most years about sweets and processed foods, and a solid and clean Whole30 is really going to help start my year and my WS100 training!


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