2nd Annual FATT 5/10k (aka Fat Ass Turkey Trot)

This year’s edition of the FATT was a smash hit! I am so glad that we were able to coordinate and put on such a fabulous holiday tradition. Liana, Carrie and I plotted last year’s run on a Wednesday am ladies run– it would be a group run on Thanksgiving day, so that we could share the morning miles together before we headed off to our families for turkey, and avoid the big production of the downtown “official” Turkey Trots.

As this year’s host, I plotted out 5k and 10k routes that would share the first part of the course, hit a little bit of dirt trails and allow distances to make sure everyone was able to participate. Adam, my fabulous husband/race director, crafted amazing cue sheets complete with maps!

Course Maps

Course Maps


With coffee ordered from The Coffee Bar and Bullfrog Bagels and a homemade cardamom coffee cake, race day couldn’t come soon enough! On race morning, I woke up beyond excited to share a run with coworkers, friends and family. We had a great turn out for the run with 12 “official” participants.


Selfie! (sorry Adam and Kyle for cutting you off)

Selfie! (sorry Adam and Kyle for cutting you off)

I think it is important to mention that this is a RUN not a race! I am so thankful for all of these wonderful people in my life and so happy that we were able to all run together. It was great to hear my ultra running friends chatting with my coworkers, my sister chatting with the Wednesday ladies group, Robert and my dad chatting about Robert’s upcoming travels, it even puts a smile on my face while writing this post! We even convinced, Kyle, my coworker who was planning to turn off with the 5k, to join us for the 10k, the furtherest he has ever run (next up 50k?!?). What a perfect way to start the morning!


As we headed back to my house, Pat, Miguel, Robert and I picked up the coffee, continued our conversation about my HR monitor drama, debated correct electrode placement and the frustration of having breasts, as we headed back to my house. Walking in the door to a house full of friends and family nourishes my soul like almost nothing else, I guess, maybe, I am an extrovert. :) 

Beth is here!!!!

Beth is here!!!!

While one group watched the parade and enjoyed our well earned breakfast in the living room, I drifted into the kitchen where we concluded that buying lottery tickets was “infinity for a dollar” and contemplated what we would do with a billion dollars (house in Chamonix, full time mountain running, private jet to get to more mountains, R2R2R in January, the list goes on!), oh runners, such an interesting mix of knowledge, opinions and wit!

The FATT was a perfect reason to get together, share a run around the city and be reminded of all of the wonderful people in my life that I have to be thankful for! I can’t wait to do it again next year!

I think I might need to work on my mid-run photo skills… goal for next year, fewer photo outtakes! 


I was trying to capture JLD getting Kyle to commit to an ultra!


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